Sulimani and his mother

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⁣Sulimani and his mother ⁣As we come to the final day of Ramadan, Let me tell you the story of Sulimani and his mother. After becoming an orphan his mother works cleaning clothes and making straw roofs. They live in a small hut and use a bucket as a toilet. She makes only £2.50 every 3 days. Due to the lack of funds it means Sulimani is unable to go to school and forced into maturing and having the weighted pressure to help support his mother. The effect of becoming an orphan lives deep within him and he don’t understand the feeling of sorrow. Yearning for the love he’d receive from his father.

There are so many cases like this all over Kenya, on this final day of Ramadan please continue to help support orphans across the world both in prayer and charity. 🙏🏽

Director: @uthman.hanif
DOP: @uthman.hanif
AD: @uks47
Location scout: @f__m.b
Assistant: @swera607

And huge thank you to @helpyateem for trusting in my vision.

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